playing bass in the Living Poets

About Me

Music has been in my blood for as long as I can remember. My mom sometimes tells a story of how, at around 18 months old, I noticed an echo in the chapel of our church. To her embarrassment, I decided to hoot to hear the echo more clearly. I kept vocalizing louder and louder until I was so disruptive and we had to leave. Some of the earliest home video footage of my life is me at two years old singing at the top of my lungs while throwing fallen leaves around outside our home. Another is me at three years old sitting on my parents' bed with my dad's guitar in hand, strumming the open strings and singing, "I wanna be a cowboy, and ride on my horse." From an early age I was enthralled by the power of music. I would sit planted in front of the stereo soaking in the sound waves with every inch of my body.

By the middle of elementary school I began studying various instruments, starting with piano and clarinet. By the end of middle school I took up the guitar. By high school I took up the bass, which is my main instrument. While in high school, I began to play in bands. I thrived on the experience of jamming and writing music collaboratively. Late in high school my brothers and I played in a band together. After awhile, we began recording our music at home. While I had played music for years, recording opened up a whole new world to me; I would spend hours recording, editing, mixing, manipulating and experimenting with audio. I began to dream of becoming an engineer and producer.

When I began college I began to learn music theory, notation, harmony, and even dipped my toes into the study of world music. I also continued to play in bands and record my own music. Soon however, I wanted more than to just record my own music. Inspired by the DIY ethic of the punk movement, my younger brother and I created a psuedo-record label called War Artist Records and started recording other artists' music. In the beginning, we didn't have all the gear necessary to record other people, so we borrowed from friends until we could build our own bootstrap setup to accomodate the artist's needs. Despite our limitations, we managed to create great music with some fantastic musicians in our area. It was at this time that I got my first taste of producing and arranging music, and I was immediately hooked. It was sometimes difficult for me to make time for sleeping, eating, and homework because I would get so wrapped into recording, editing and mixing the music I was helping to create.

At the end of 2013, after having moderate success with our recording company, my brother and I both independently moved to pursue academic goals. I moved with my wife to Texas so that she could seek a degree in interior design. After some time trying to force myself to pursue other careers, I am returning to my first love with a career in audio engineering.

As a freelance audio engineer, I'm seeking any opportunity I can get to help you create great music. I'm also currently seeking an internship at a professional recording studio where I can sharpen my skills and learn to use more analog gear. I am specifically interested in learning to use reel to reel tape machines because of the unique warmth they add to recordings.